Friday, November 28, 2008

Weight Gain Tips!

Three Simple Tips That Anyone Could Use To Gain Weight!

Although there are a lot of guys out there that are trying to lose weight and get into shape, there are also guys out there that actually want to gain weight! For some people, gaining weight is a serious challenge! I should know because I was one of them. So if you are one of those guys out there like I was who are “suffering” from scrawniness, this article is for you my friends… I’m going to give you a few sure fire tips to help you gain weight. These tips are practically fool proof. I should know because I have used them all on myself! So if you really want to gain weight please pay attention to the following tips and you will be well on your way to seeing some massive results on no time!

In order for the body to gain weight, it has to consume more calories than it burns. So with that being said, the most obvious tip is that you have to eat more! It is impossible for the body to grow if it does not have a surplus of calories, protein, etc… It is as simple as that! Now I’m sure your goals are not to simply put on more weight, but to actually add some muscle to your frame. So that leads us to our next tip.

The second weight gain tip is weight training. If you are only eating more but and not doing any type of weight training, you will still gain weight… but it will be mostly fat! So unless that is your goal, I suggest that you take this tip very seriously. Since you will be eating more, your body will have the surplus calories that it need to build muscle. (Providing that you are actually working out) An increased caloric intake with a proper weight training program will cause your body will constantly build muscle, which will result in increased size and strength. I am assuming that is the type of weight gain that most guys have in mind. (If not, you can stop at tip number one.)

The third weight gain tip is to decrease your cardio activity. I’m not saying that you should completely cut out your cardio, but you should definitely cut down on it a little bit. During cardio activities you are burning calories at a pretty rapid pace. Since your goal is to consume more calories in order to gain weight, too much cardio tends to be counter productive. In other words, if you have a high level of cardio activities, you will have to increase your caloric intake even more if you want to gain weight.

So as a quick recap, if you want to gain weight there are three simple and easy weight gain tips to follow:
1. Increase your caloric intake higher than your body’s normal caloric needs.
2. Follow a proper weight training program. (very important)
3. Lower your cardio activities.
Follow these tips and you will definitely start to see the results you want.

Best Wishes,
Greg Shyne

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