Thursday, October 23, 2008

Build Muscle While You Are RESTING?

Your Muscle Growth is Actually Determined by What You Do Outside of the Gym!

Believe it or not, nine out of ten lifters in the gym do not know this simple fact… and it’s actually a shame. Ignorance of this fact cost guys countless hours of wasted time and effort in the gym and ultimately leads to failure. They become discouraged due to the lack of results despite there greatest efforts. But why is that? The answer is simple. They do not understand the fundamentals of building muscle! Most guys have the perception that they are building muscle while they are in the gym sweating and pounding away at the weights. Actually, you are doing the exact opposite! Give me a minute and I’ll explain…

During your weight training you are actually breaking down your muscles, not building them. When you train properly (which means training to muscular failure) you are creating microscopic tears in your muscles. This explains the soreness that comes with the few days after your workout. When your muscles heal, they rebuild themselves bigger and stronger. So what does all this mean? Why does it matter?

Well by now the answer should be obvious. Your muscle growth actually takes place outside of the gym! Your recovery time is just as important (if not more important) as your time spent inside of the gym! Therefore, an adequate amount of rest between your training sessions is essential. If your muscles never have time to heal, they will never grow! It’s as simple as that.

To sum it all up, make sure that you train hard the gym. Push your body as far as it can go, and then get out of the gym! Weight lifting only breaks down your muscle, not build them. You will not develop any more muscle by spending extra time in the gym. You are just wasting time and it is actually counterproductive. If your muscles are still sore then there is no reason to train them! This means that they are still repairing from your previous workout. Too much time in the gym will cause over-training, which is a huge muscle killing mistake.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Muscle-Building Success From Home: Can It Be Done?

By Sean Nalewanyj
Natural Bodybuilding Expert & Best-Selling Fitness Author

I receive emails everyday from aspiring lifters all over the world, and one of the most common questions I'm asked is…

“Do I have to join a gym in order to build a strong, muscular body?”
The answer, my friend, is no. With the right equipment and planning you can follow an equally effective bodybuilding program from the comfort of your home without ever having to set foot in a gym.

In fact, my first 2 years of bodybuilding were spent working out with basic equipment in my basement, and I saw incredible results doing this. Maybe you can't afford a gym membership due to your financial situation. Maybe you lead a busy lifestyle and would prefer to save time by training at home. Maybe you're simply too embarrassed or uncomfortable to train in a regular gym setting at the moment. Whatever your reason, don't worry! I currently workout at a gym with my training partner but have to say that my years spent lifting at home were fantastic. I didn't have to worry about the travel time to and from the gym. I could simply slip downstairs whenever I felt like it and all of my equipment was there waiting for me. I could listen to whatever music I wanted to, as loud as I wanted to without having to worry about those around me. I could grunt, yelp and scream through my sets if I was in the mood without disturbing anyone (hey, squatting to failure isn't easy okay?) or train shirtless if I felt like it. When the workout was over, I could sprawl out on the floor in exhaustion and know that my post workout shakes were just a few steps away, and that I wouldn't have to hobble to my car and spend anymore time driving home. It was great.

The only real disadvantage is that your exercise selection will decrease because you won't have access to certain pieces of machinery such as a leg press or calf machine. You can purchase certain machines if you have the money to spend and plan on training at home over the long term, but for the majority of people this simply won't be possible.

The good news is that planning out a proper bodybuilding routine does not require the use of any fancy equipment, and all of the machine exercises that you would regularly perform can be swapped for freeweight substitutions.

Muscle Gain Truth

Here is the basic equipment that your home gym should contain:

1) An adjustable barbell with freeweight plates – A cast iron set is probably a good idea, and you must also make sure that you purchase enough weight so that you can continually progress from week to week.
2) Adjustable dumbbells – This is much more efficient and cost-effective than purchasing an entire set of dumbbells. You should be able to buy the barbell and dumbbells together in a single set.
3) A bench with incline adjustments – A good sturdy bench is a must-have for performing bench presses and other seated movements. If possible you should purchase a bench that can be set on an incline and that also contains safety catches if you plan on training alone.
4) A chin-up bar – These can usually be purchased for 15-20 dollars and can be placed inside of a door frame.
5) A squat rack – This is usually the trickiest piece of equipment to purchase, as a full squat rack can be pricey. Squats are an irreplaceable movement and should always be a part of your workout routine, especially if you don't have a leg press machine handy.

If you can't afford a squat rack then you'll have to be creative. The bottom line is that you must have some sort of apparatus that will allow you to safely unrack a loaded bar and drop the bar onto a safety catch (or the floor) if your strength gives out during the lift.

Don't ever squat without a safe place to drop the bar! Most full squat racks will also provide a chin-up bar on top, so you can kill 2 birds with one stone if you decide to purchase one.

So there you have it; the 5 pieces of basic equipment that are needed to set up a home gym. As long as you have these basic tools in your arsenal you can perform an equally effective workout without ever having to join a traditional gym.

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