Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to Build Muscle- Only 3 simple steps!

Learn how to build muscle… The truth! No more lies…

Muscle Gain Truth

Building muscle is easy! All you have to do is get in the gym, throw a few weights and break a little sweat… right? No… my friend, you are very wrong… Building muscle is not easy. It takes time, patience and persistence. Many marketers often promote their products with very misleading information. They sell people dreams of having a toned, muscle bound physic within a short period of time by using their miracle product or system. Since people are always looking for a short term solution to a long term problem, they are continuously spending boat loads of their hard earned cash on these useless systems and products that not only leave them in the same place that they started but also with hundreds or even thousands of dollars less in their bank accounts. Simply put, the bodybuilding and weight loss industry are literally infested with scams and misleading information. Why you ask? Because there is a significantly higher profit margin in selling people temporary solutions to their problems than actually telling the truth! Yes I said it… they do not want you to know the truth! If you knew the truth, then you would not continue to buy the latest and greatest products, systems, programs that they are going to try to sell to you in the future. This is the sad truth… they do not really care about your actual success or failure… they only care about your wallet and that you are a lifetime customer. However, if you are really interested in learning how to build muscle, there are three basic steps that you need to follow.

1. Intensity and progression. When you are in the gym lifting weights it is extremely important that you train to muscular failure. This means that you should move as muscle weight as you possibly can for the most reps as possible. Major muscle groups only require five to seven reps in order to stimulate muscle growth. So make sure that you have the amount of weight that will allow you to complete at least five repetitions but no more than seven. The smaller muscle groups require ten to twelve repetitions to stimulate muscle growth. This type of strain on the body forces the muscles to adapt and grow bigger and stronger. The body will not respond and build bigger muscles it feels that it has no reason. With each workout, focus on lifting slightly more weight or completing more repetitions.

2. Proper nutrients. This is extremely important. In order for your body to build muscle, it has to have the proper tools to build with. Think about this for a second. Would you give a man a pile of straw and cardboard boxes and expect him to build you a mansion? It is the exact same principle… You have to give your body the nutrients it needs in order to build muscle that you want.

3. Rest. This is the simplest, yet most overlooked concept by beginners in the gym who are learning how to build muscle. You may not know or realize this, but muscle growth actually does not occur in the gym! When you are in the gym pounding away at the weights you are actually breaking down your muscles not building them! Muscle growth occurs outside of the gym…. That’s right, when you are resting! This is when you body is rebuilding the broken muscles, making them stronger so they will be able adapt to the new stress that is being put on them.

That’s all folks… no more fluff, hype, lies, or gimmicks… believe it or not, these are the only secrets to building muscle! Intensity and progression… proper nutrition… rest… If you learn as much as you can about these three areas, you will start to see some huge muscle gains. It is scientifically impossible not to build muscle when applying these principles! So invest a little time in learning about these concepts instead of chasing the next fad or miracle break-through and I promise you that you will quickly start to see real results.

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Muscle Gain Truth